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What should I do with scratches on my garage door?

Scratches can easily be fixed, but should be done with utmost care. If you file and buff the area with the scratch, you might create an uneven surface. Buffing should be done very lightly and carefully. Afterwards, reapplication of the paint and finish should also be done to cover the exposed part.

Can window insets improve the look of your door?

The window insets of a new garage door can balance the facade with a design intended to complement the architecture. They can also retain the style of your home’s existing windows, like highlighting the plan to have a small window near the front door. To match the front look of a bungalow, you only need a few insets on a plain door. If you want insets to be applied on your door, our garage door repair South Elgin specialists can help.

Why doesn't my garage door move when I use the remote?

The most common cause of this type of problem is a dead battery, according to our specialists in garage door repair South Elgin. If battery replacement does not work, you should try to operate the door using the wall button. If the door moves a bit and then reverses, the issue is most likely with the sensors.

Is it easy to replace a snapped cable?

It's complicated having a garage door cable replaced. It involves removing the old cable first and since cables are connected with the garage door springs, things can get ugly when it comes to your safety. You must also know how to install the new cable, check both parts and balance the door. It's best to leave such tasks to our specialists.

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