Garage Doors are the perfect canvas this valentines day

Garage Doors are the perfect canvas this valentines day

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Valentine’s Day, that special time of year where people all over the world ready themselves to celebrate romance and love. Getting those boxes of chocolates, carefully worded cards bouquets of beautiful flowers is just one part of getting in on the festivities, while decking your home out with theme appropriate decorations, banners and romantic lighting is just another. If you were looking for a unique and special way to express your excitement for the big day, why not look to decorating your garage doors this holiday, to show your loved ones and neighbors just what you think about this romantic occasion. There are plenty of ways to make them the perfect canvas for your expressions of love, so let’s explore a few of those ideas here.Garage Doors like canvas for Valentine’s Day

Set the Mood with Lighting

One of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day is the way in which it gives one an excuse to experiment with lighting. Soft lighting to set the mood, fairy lights to decorate your door panels, and Christmas ones to create heart shapes, stylized cherubs and roses. Lighting is often the first port of call when it comes to decorations that openly celebrate a holiday, so why not start putting yours up now.

Metal Doors? Why Not Try Out Some Magnet Stickers?

Metallic garage doors have a great advantage over wooden ones when it comes to decorations, and that is that they are conductive, making them perfect for magnets. There is an assortment of themed magnet stickers out there that are perfect for Valentine’s Day. The best part about them, is that they are easy to put up, maneuver around the door and even simpler to take down once the festivities have ended, making them the perfect companion for decorating your door.

For You and Yours

Have you considered the usefulness of your garage as a space to spend time alone with your one and only, dining in soft lighting, seclusion and romantic privacy? Simply move the car, set up some chairs and a table with some scented candles and set the automatic opener to shut, and you have a surprisingly romantic place in which to enjoy the company of your significant other.

How About a Fresh Coat?

Don’t let your handy decorations get lost in between the cracks and mess of garage door panels that have not been painted properly. Why not first give it a fresh coat of paint to freshen things up for Valentine’s Day so that your decorations shine through as they should. If you were thinking of going for a themed color, be sure that it will be appropriate for the rest of the year, or easy enough to paint over. This is also a great opportunity to keep up with your garage door’s maintenance, since it is never too soon in the year to start that.

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